1. Japan Heart

Japanese traditions
for expressing respect
and thoughtfulness towards others

2. Japan Leather

Real Japanese leather
made using a method that takes
about 5 times longer than usual.
Sustainable vegetable-tanned leather.

3. Japan Made

It is a series of wallets
made by folding
a single length of leather
without stitching.

Inspired by “Fukusa”.

A piece of cloth used in Japan
as a way of wrapping gift
for celebrations.


Designed with “Origata”

A manner of presenting gifts,
and the craft of traditional Japanese carpenters
specializing in shrines and temples.


the “Shosa” (graceful carriage)

Originating from
the style of “wrapping”
expressing a feeling of gratitude.

Carry Japan’s “hospitality” with you

This collection combines
the amazing traditions of
Japan with a modern sensibility.