Chihei Hatakeyama

the feel of a black material


about : Chihei Hatakeyama is A Sound Artist And Musician Living On The Outskirts Of Tokyo. He Has Performed For Years Under His Given Name And Also As One Half Of The Electroacoustic Duo Opitope, Along With Tomoyoshi Date. Hatakeyama Polychromes Memory-Evoking Soundscapes With Various Recorded Materials Of Electric, Acoustic Instruments Such As Electric Guitars, Vibraphone, And Piano. His Releases Is On Kranky, Room 40, Under The Spire, Hibernate Records, Magic Book Records, Home Nomal, OwnRecords And Spekk (As Opitope)..”




about : “SjQ is a band composed of Yuta Uozumi (piano/computer), Tadashi Yonago, (trombone/computer), Isao Nakagaito(guitar), Shuhei Otani(bass), Wataru Asada(Drums). and gismo: an artificial life program created by Yuta Uozumi.
SJQ’s approach is a chain reaction of human and virtual interactions, one by one evolving without recorded loops.
In the course of a performance, SJQ utilizes realtime modulation, computer manipulation as well as traditional Jazz instruments such as piano, trombone, guitar, bass, and drums.

piece of work: : Drape is new concept of electro acoustic music inspired by products of No, No, Yes ! which is Japanese top leather brand.
It is more objective concept than “texture” in musical field. It includes important elements such as touch feel, corrugation and line.
We tried to express No, No, Yes !’s experience with sounds. We employed plural materials such as analog instruments, digital glitch and processed sound for it.


water puppets


about : Japan has a long tradition of electronic music that seems to exist in a parallel universe. Other sets of rules are at work and other senses. Vegpher is a perfect example. Due to massive touring all over the world Keiichi Sugimoto is one of the best known electronic artists outside Japan. He releases under monikers like FilFla and FourColor and are member of groups like Minamo and Fonica on labels like 12k in New York, German Tom Lab and Headz of Japan. Just recently in august 2012 he released a new album under the name Vegpher, a perfect blend of techno, house and dub step. |

kazuki muraoka  + sirt



About : Kazuki Muraoka was born in Sapporo, Japan.He runs a music label called Adapt Records and released analog 12inch EP “EP01” in 2013.It features a high-density bleep sounds fluctuation and the mechanical beat programing minutely.He makes strange organic dance music using collage of digital sounds and analog machine sounds. In 2014, he attended at International Computer Music Conference in Greece and did a live performance by the software which he made.

sirt was born in Tokyo, Japan. He now goes in for interaction design study especially for computer music.
On a parallel with research activities, he also improvises electric guitar and train sound.

piece of work : This is the work which put the guitar drone sounds and the noise beat sounds convolve  the different subject  together.
This work was inspired by the process of leather dyeing and is expressed by two viewpoints.