Organic Experience

May 24th – 30th 2015

Organic Experience consists of two different elements; fusion/fission of the antitheticals such as animals and plants, generations and genres, the East and the West, overground and underground. The other element is realistic and inspirational realization of viewers’ personalization. What would be the outcome of fusing two opposite factors by pure improvisation? – Attempt to visualize the vibration and values resulted from the fusion is where this exhibition is originated. Take leather as natural material.

All leathers have different features such as holes, scars etc as they used to be living “animals” just as humans have different facial and physical features. Take colouring materials. Colours of plant derived organic-dye extracted from fruits and shells varies depending upon the season and regions of harvest whilst commercial colouring products enable reproduction of same colours over and over. The mission of No,No,Yes! is going into the absolute depth of personalization by grasping the mere second of fusion between the irregulars and the uncertainties with awe and respect of Nature.