You can get a jacket that “you create” from this personalized custom made service. We have royal bespoke service, with which you can customize your leather jacket just the way you are comfortable in like your lifestyle regardless of momentary trend of fashion. This is how we work within this service.

1. Counseling

It all starts here at the salon with personal cozy atmosphere.

Mr J came from Kansai to order a jacket that fits his style. We start with a casual chat rather than proper counseling, to get to know the customer better and more personally with their favourite music playing background. “What is your hobby?” “What is your favourite sport?”, “If you smoke, what item would be convenient to have in the inside pocket?” The team colour of your favourite sports team helps us to imagine colours to add, and music, the culture you are leaning toward. This is how we collaborate and start putting pieces together. Please don’t be afraid to be creative and be very open to share what you picture and which point you are not sure of with the designer.

2. Determine the style

Enjoy choosing your style, considering every detail from our carefully chosen lineups.

Mr J’s request is to find a type of jacket that complements his slim body type. He tries on numbers of jackets like riders, tailored, one with hood etc. If you have your favourite style from magazines, those images would also helps us to determine the style. We also have many detail customized options as adding new buttons and getting rid of zippers. You can mix with 30 different coloured leathers and linings. We can emboss your name or motifs on the tags or the back for even more personal touch. With Mr J’s request of standard style, we have decided on simple black tailored jacket with accented colour of wine red linings and thin collar to match the thin silhouette of the jacket.

3. Taking Measurements

Pursue of the best possible fit.

Mr J mentioned during the measurement sessions that he is subconscious of his sloping shoulders. We cater for any body issues you are concerned with like Mr J. By the way, did you know that a lot of people have different height of shoulders because of their postures? Have you experienced feeling a slight discomfort wearing a jacket that seemed to fit perfectly for a first look? We, No,No,Yes! do dig deeper when we take measurements to achieve the best possible fit just for you. Fun things we can do for tailored jacket are things like shortening the sleeves just ever slightly so that you can show the shirt underneath, or making it longer depending on your personal style. Basting from the scratch enables us to complement your best features and cover the parts that you are not so proud of. It takes about one month to complete the basting with several fitting to accomplish the style you hope for.

4. Fitting

One jacket we work with Mr J has finally been completed.

We have a slim silhouetted jacket with rock’n’roll feel completed after two months from taking an order. Mr J said, “I am so happy to have this perfectly fitted jacket! Everything including length, buttons and colours are all perfect. I cannot wait to wear this.” One and only leather jacket created out of good quality leather, first class technique of the designer and customers taste and style. The fact that you can enjoy the whole process of creating a jacket is what bespoke service attractive. We are taking orders starting from 144,000yen both at “Leather Tailor Tokyo” in Sendagaya and Shibuya Seibu B kan 5F. We are sure that you will feel more confortable than ever wearing one and only “my style” jacket. Please make an inquiry either via email of phone if interested at all.

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